This is a slightly self indulgent page to showcase some of the projects I've worked on that aren't directly related to writing.

Blog post visuals - ongoing. 

Some examples of the visuals I shoot for my own work (because stock photos are boring.)

Collaborations with brands

As a teenager, I worked with various brands to produce visual and written content - including H&M, La Riche (hair dye), Punky Pins, Penguin, and independent Etsy stores such as Poison Apple Print Shop.


Book Cover 

After becoming infatuated with Jeffery Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides aged 14, I dedicated my summer to photographing places and people that looked like they belonged in the story. One picture ended up as the cover of the Norweigan translation.

(The summer before that I was obsessed with Great Expectations and walked around in a vintage wedding dress for a few weeks in an attempt to understand Mrs Havisham.)

Flowers & Fruit

Finding myself in a creative rut at the start of 2018, I cleared a day and worked on a visual project centered around contrasting colors. The images were then used as visuals for posts and for this site.

TEDx talk

In 2017, I gave a TEDx talk on creativity and vulnerability, complete with bad diagrams. It was probably the scariest thing I've ever done.